We believe that the practice of law is never merely a business, but a profession which also commits us to civic responsibility, and an obligation of public service and community involvement. We have provided pro bono publico (“for the public good”) services throughout our careers. Pro bono legal services are rendered without charge or at reduced rates to individuals and organizations that seek to advance important public interests.  This work has ranged from no-fee representation of citizen and environmental groups to providing services to victims of human rights violations in the Darfur conflict.  We serve on the Boards of Trustees and Directors of several non-profit organizations.  We also have served with community organizations such as the Planning Commission of the City of Easton, the Environmental Advisory Council to the City of Easton, the Bushkill Creek Corridor Revitalization Trail/Karl Stirner Arts Trail Work Group, and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

Community service is not an afterthought for us. It is intrinsic to the way we practice our profession.